About Restore Whitehall

Mission & Vision: RESTORE Whitehall (RW) is a new community-based initiative that will provide workforce development and family support programs that improve the quality of life for Whitehall Ohio residents.

RESTORE Whitehall will provide place-based programs with the aim of producing positive change by affecting the entire community of Whitehall, and not just the individuals touched by the program.  RESTORE Whitehall endeavors to accomplish the following:

  • To strengthen the needful (families, parents, and individuals) by promoting job preparation, work, and healthy marriage
  • To offer programs to prevent and reduce incidences of out-of-wedlock pregnancies
  • To encourage the formation and maintenance of two-parent families
  • To promote education and knowledge attainment as a key factor in promoting self-sufficiency and reducing dependence

RESTORE envisions a nation of thriving communities.  Thriving communities are places of peace and prosperity, in which no individual, family, school or positive social institution is left behind. Because Whitehall is a hidden jewel in Central Ohio, RESTORE seeks to reestablish municipal, cultural, familial and individual pride by holistically equipping the Whitehall community and their constituents to reach their potential.

RESTORE (Equipping Communities to Thrive) is a collaborative community engagement, education, outreach and development initiative that seeks to address, and remedy identified community needs in the City of Whitehall