The 2016 American Community Survey indicates that the City of Whitehall has the highest poverty level of all municipalities in Franklin County.  22.8% of the population live in households earning less than the Federal Poverty Level of $28,290.  Census Bureau data also indicates that Whitehall has the largest percentage in Franklin County (19.6%) of families without an employed worker in the household.  Also, Whitehall has the second highest percentage of families with a single wage earner in Franklin County (29.1%).  Finally, 27.6% of Whitehall households are supported by public assistance, the largest percentage in Franklin County.

There isn’t one program or service that can mitigate poverty on its own.  For this reason, our financial wellness series provides education and understanding of various financial areas including topics related to: 1) Understanding Money, 2) Managing Personal finances, 3) Credit and Credit Repair, 4) Banking 101, 5) Budgeting, 6) The Danger of Debt, 7) Home Ownership and Renting, 8) Cars and Loans, 9) Consumer Awareness, and 10) Saving and Investing.