RESTORE Whitehall assists family by:

  • Strengthening your family by providing high-fidelity wraparound services
  • Enhancing your employability to better support you and your family
  • Encouraging and equipping you to reach your educational potential
  • Showing you how to develop a vision and plan for a brighter future
  • Helping you discover how to better manage your finances
  • Offering tutoring assistance for your children
  • Improving your overall outlook on life
  • Helping you master the English language
  • Sharpening your skills and talents
  • Restoring your hope

 To be eligible, you must:

  • Meet income requirements
  • Be a Whitehall citizen
  • Have a dependent child less than 18 years of age (19 years if he/she is a full-time student)
  • Be a U. S. Citizen or have an I-94 or Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

Family First Success Process: RESTORE Whitehall’s Family First Success Process is a community initiative commissioned to help families residing in the City of Whitehall transition from lack and poverty to sufficiency and prosperity by equipping them with human, practical and tactical resources.

Parent & Family Workshops: The Restore Whitehall are all certified Parenting Partners facilitators. Parenting Partners™ workshops combine parenting and leadership skills that empower parents to become vital contributors to their children’s academic success. The eight comprehensive workshops are presented throughout Whitehall multiple times year-round, in multiple languages, creating a sustainable source of parent leaders.

Educational Attainment: Educational attainment is the leading indicator of financial sufficiency.  That is why we devote attention and resources to assist our neighbors overcome barriers to educational attainment.  Our support will consist of the following: 1) Wraparound Team Mentoring to encourage middle and high schools students to stay in school, 2) Tutoring Scholarships for at-risk students, 3) GED and High School Diploma Scholarships for adults 23 years and older to become high school graduates, and 4) Wraparound Team Mentoring to encourage adult learners to continue and achieve college and trade school education degrees and / or certification.

Workforce Development: Our workforce programs are designed to Increase the number of Whitehall residents ready to find and keep long-term employment with the goal of self-sufficiency.  We are partnering with the Expanding Visions foundation to offer their highly effective workforce training program.

Financial Wellness: Our Financial Wellness series provides education and understanding of various financial areas including topics related to: 1) Understanding Money, 2) Managing Personal finances, 3) Credit and Credit Repair, 4) Banking 101, 5) Budgeting, 6) The Danger of Debt, 7) Home Ownership and Renting, 8) Cars and Loans, 9) Consumer Awareness, and 10) Saving and Investing.