The City of Whitehall is the home of numerous quality employers who offer well-paying employment opportunities; however, according to data from the 2016 Census Bureau employment abstract, the average Whitehall citizen earns $31,106.00 per year (the 4th smallest median earnings in Franklin County).  In comparison, the City of Columbus reports median household earnings of $45,659.00 and Franklin County of $52,341.00.   The average hourly wage of a Whitehall citizen is $15.50 hourly, the 4th smallest average in the area (compared to $21.60 for all Ohio citizens, and $38.54 for citizens in near-by Bexley).  In response, RESTORE Whitehall will offer our neighbors individualized and group employment / workforce development opportunities.

We are partnering with the Expanding Visions foundation to offer their highly effective workforce training program.  The Curriculum will include the following elements:

1)    Self-Assessment and Company research | Participants will take a self-assessment to determine strengths and weaknesses and learn how to research a company to prepare for an interview.

2)    Job Descriptions and How to apply for jobs | Participants will learn what a job description is and how to read one and also learn how to apply for jobs in-person and online.

3)    Interview techniques | Participants will learn how to respond to interview questions, how to dress for an interview and how to be prepared for an interview.

4)    Resume writing | Participants will learn how to write a resume.

5)    Customer Service and Soft Skills Training | Participants will learn basic customer service skills and also learn about soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

6)    Financial Concepts and Prep for Mock Interviews | Participants will learn basic financial concepts on how to manage their money.  They will also be prepped to be prepared for mock interviews taking place the following week.

7)    Mock interviews | Participants will participate in mock interviews and be evaluated.

8)    Recap and Graduation | This is the final class where we will recap everything and answer any final questions that participants may have and then hold graduation.

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