Parenting Partners

Parenting Partners offers a solution to family engagement for educational achievement in ANY learning environment - rather traditional, e-learning or hybrid. This 6-week interactive workshop will help!

Parents who have completed this training have been empowered to to combine parenting and leadership skills to become vital contributors to their children’s academic success and improve overall behavior and cooperation in the home.


Financial Literacy feat. Onionomics

  • Have you ever thought, “I know better, why can’t I do better?”
  • Do the financial lessons you’ve heard and read about seem very different from the ones being lived out by the people and world around you?
  • Have you believed “The Big Lie” that your financial troubles are your fault and stem from your being crazy, lazy greedy or stupid?
    Financial Literacy feat. ONIONomics participants will be introduced to a new and holistic model of financial literacy that entails interactive teaching, role play and critical thinking activities.  You will discover the root causes of your financial behavior and develop new paradigms and behaviors that will free you from the bondage of debt and money mismanagement.

Gauranteed A-Plus